The Gilroys’ Latest Book… The Yowie Mystery – Living Fossils of the Dreamtime

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The Gilroys’ Latest Book…The Yowie Mystery – Living Fossils of the Dreamtime

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Living Fossils from the Dreamtime”.
Copyright © Rex Gilroy, URU Publications 2007.

This book celebrates Rex Gilroy’s 50th anniversary as the Father of Australian Yowie [ie relict hominology] and Australian Cryptozoology research.

In the coming months the Gilroys will release other books on the Yowie, and also an already completed book on Australia ‘big cats’, and other Cryptozoological titles are also forthcoming.

However, “The YOWIE – Living fossils from the Dreamtime” is a significant milestone in Australian relict hominology, for it is primarily concerned with the “fossil foundation” of the Yowie mystery. This book contains hundreds of photographs and diagrams concerning the anatomy and physiology of Australia’s relict hominids, proving the Homo erectus identity of the Yowie in all his forms; ie modern human size, as well as pygmy to giant proportions.

Sightings and close encounter reports are also included, but these are secondary to the main purpose of the book, which is to present a scientific basis to the mystery. The authors are able to draw upon their ever-growing collection of fossil hominid skull-types and other skeletal remains, fossil hominid footprints, and crude stone tools from throughout Australia as well as more contemporary evidence.

Our “Australian Yowie Research Centre”, based here at Katoomba, continues to gather evidence from throughout Australia, and indeed Australasia, and this region is also represented in our new book. “The YOWIE – Living Fossils from the Dreamtime” is a book for the serious, thinking researcher.

This book will in turn be followed by other Gilroy Yowie books covering various aspects of the mystery. However, our latest effort is another milestone in this research for our book is more concerned with the ‘fossil foundations’ of the mystery, the anatomy and physiology of the Yowie, which we believe to be surviving remnant populations of Homo erectus.

It goes just that much further than our previous “Giants from the Dreamtime – The Yowie in Myth and Reality”, in emphasising a proper scientific approach to the mystery. For example, we present surprising evidence of an independent evolution of hominids in Australia which suggests that Homo erectus may have evolved in Australia, to gradually spread out across the earth.

Evidence of an even earlier primate presence in Australia is revealed. There are case histories from early settlement times to the present of Yowie encounters; genetic reasons for giant Homo erectus and pygmy evolution in Australia and lots of other surprises. The book’s publication date will be announced in due course.

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The Yowie Mystery – Living Fossils of the Dreamtime

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