The Australian Yowie Research Centre Est...1976 by Rex Gilroy for the sole purpose of Scientific Study of the Australian Hairy - man
The Australian Yowie Research Centre Est...1976 by Rex Gilroy in for the sole purpose of Scientific Study of the Australian Hairy - man

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Excerpts from 2001 Book On the Yowie - Contents.

For many disbelievers only a personal experience could ever convince them of the Yowie's existence. I was convinced for many years before I had what may or may not have been three encounters with these hominids.

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The YOWIE in Myth and Reality

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Excerpts from 2001 Book On the Yowie - Contents

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For many disbelievers only a personal experience could ever convince them of the Yowie's existence.
I was convinced for many years before I had what may or may not have been three encounters with these hominids.

Rex With Giant Footprint Cast

The YOWIE in Myth and Reality

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Introduction Remarks

Here is is at last, the long-awaited, definitive, first and most important book ever written on the Yowie mystery, but the man who knows more about it than any other researcher-Rex Gilroy. The first and foremost authority on the Yowie mystery. Rex Gilroy Australia's original 'Yowie Man' has spent almost 45 years researching our answer to the Himalayan 'Abominable Snowman' and North American 'Bigfoot'.

Here Rex Gilroy reveals the true origins of the Yowie mystery, demonstrating its links with the evolution of the earliest modern humans on this continent. Here almost 1,000 sightings, reports and a mass of other evidence seperates myth from reality in a commonsense presentation, revealing startling evidence supporting Rex Gilroy's findings.

Yowie Logo Pre-Aboriginal fossil hominid skulls.
Yowie LogoHuge stone 'megatools' and massive fossilised giant hominid footprints found throughout Australia.
Yowie LogoModern human-type fossil footprints preserved in 3 million year old volcanic ash deposits.
Yowie LogoThe links between fossil hominid footprints and those of modern-day Yowies.
Yowie LogoAboriginal Rock Art of the Yowie thousands of years old.
Yowie LogoAll backed up by Aboriginal myth and legend, early modern-day sightings, Yowie footprint plaster casts and other evidence.
Yowie LogoRex Gilroy has many imitators, but they lack the all-important evidence presented in this book, which is second to none.

About the Author...Rex Gilroy is a field naturalist and historical researcher widely known throughout Australia and overseas, as the world's leading authority on the Yowie mystery and an investigator of all manner of Australian unexplained mysteries. He is no stranger to controversy and describes himself as a "scientific heretic" who dares to question the blind dogmas of scientific conformitism, with evidence for which University text books have no answer. Enter here
Dedications...This book is affectionately dedicated to my loyal and supportive and dedicated wife and number one fellow researcher and fieldworker, Heather. Enter here
Acknowledgements...I Wish to express my deepest gratitude to the following people, without whose assistance, often spanning many years, this book might not have been written. Enter here
Forward...This book is the result of many years of painstaking research. It has not been easy to write, for its subject matter is as complex as it is diverse. According to Anthropologists, anatomically modern humans have existed for at least 35,000 years. Our earlier primitive forefathers are supposed to have died out; or did they? Enter here
Introduction...I wish to clarify a number of misconceptions before my readers begin pursuing this book. Many of the sightings and encounters presented in the coming chapters are as the Australian media failed to report them. I now take this opportunity to correct their oversight. Enter here

Chapter One .....

The Yowie in Aboriginal Myth and Legend

Information on Dinagabbie, the 3m tall, tool-making giant of Central and Western Australian Aboriginal folklore, supplied by Mr. Allan Robinson, explorer-journalist, Sydney NSW. Information concerning the Pankalanka beings of the Aranda Aborigines, Alice Springs area, supplied by documentary film maker Mr. Bill Marshall. Enter here

Chapter Two

Early Settler Tales of Southern New South Wales

Account of the 'Yahoo' creatures seen by the traveller Gulliver, in "A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms", part four, Chapter One, "Gulliver's Travels" (1726), By Jonathan Swift.

Accounts of ancient Chinese visits to Australia, named by them the "Southern land of Chui Hiao", and of the sub-humans called Ya hu, or Ya hoo, Ku ei, You ee or Yow ee that the mariners had seen there, can be traced back to at least 338BC.

Readers wishing to know more concerning ancient Chinese contacts with Australia are advised to read "Pyramids in the Pacific-the unwritten history of Australia" by Rex Gilroy (contact URU publications, Po Box 202, Katoomba 2780 NSW Australia. Ph: 02 4782 3441 for details) or email Rex and Heather Gilroy.  Here

Information concerning Yowie seen by Frank and Mary Bran in 1913, Royal National Park, Sutherland NSW, supplied in letter from Mrs. June Mullins, Kempsey, NSW.

1891 story of bank manager's encounter with a 'hairy man' at Kanangra Walls, NSW related to author by the late Mr. Kenneth Beams, Linden, NSW.

Experiences with the Yowie by Mr. James Underhill, at Wee Jasper NSW (1907), and much later at Ruined castle, Katoomba, NSW, provided by Mr. V Loiterton, Sydney 1975.

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Chapter Three

Early Settler Tales of Northern New South Wales

Early settlers accounts of 'hairy man' encounters in the Hunter New England mountain ranges from manuscript of Mr. E L Bates, Paterson, NSW.

1942 encounter with a 2.4m tall hairy 'manbeast' by Mr. Burt Williams and 'Charlie' in Dorigo Plateau NSW, supplied by Mrs. Daisy Schafer, Grafton, NSW.

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Chapter Four 

Dawn People of the Dreamtime

Stone 'megatools' found at Macquarie River (Bathurst area) NSW site in 1960's in author's possession.

Bathurst NSW district fossil limestone mineralised hominid skull NO.1, found by late Mr. W F (Bill) Gilroy, and mineralised limestone skull No.2, by Rex Gilroy, in author's possession.

Christmas Creek Qld mineralised (ironstone) giant hominoid skull and Coolah, NSW mineralised (limestone) giant  hominid skull fragment in author's possession.

Katoomba NSW mineralised ironstone hominid cranium in author's possession.

Mudgee NSW fossilised hominid palate impression in author's possession.

Mudgee NSW Homo erectus mineralised limestone skull in Author's possession.

Recently flaked Yowie (i.e. Homo erectus) stone tools found at Nundle NSW in author's possession.

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Chapter Five 

War of the Giants

Information on the Pankalanka People of Central Australia, supplied by Mr. Jack Adams, Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

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Chapter Six

In Search of Little Hairy Men-The Lost Pgymy Tribes of Australia

Comments on the small stature of the far North Qld forest tribes can be read in "Among Cannibals" by Carl Lumholz, late 19th century.

Information concerning an encounter with five pygmy-size natives at Tully, far north Qld in 1937, supplied in letter to author by Mr. Jim west, Grafton NSW.

Information on the various Aboriginal names for Pygmy-size forest tribes,, supplied by Qld National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Information concerning evidence of still-wild pygmy-size tribes in the Hunter, New England ranges of NSW, supplied to author in letter by Mr. Ralph Kelly, Sydney, NSW

Information concerning a 'lost' pygmy tribe in the Kurrajong Heights region, Blue Mountains area NSW about 1900, supplied to author in letter by Miss E McGregor of Windsor, NSW

Report of pygmy-size native seen on Colo River, NSW in December 1999, supplied by eyewitness Mr. Neil Hoskins, Colo NSW

Report of sighting of pygmy-size native outside Oberon, NSW in 1996, supplied by Joy Colley, Essington NSW.

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Chapter Seven

Tasmania's Hairy Giants

Cradle valley encounter with 'hairy giants' by expedition in which Edward Carson took part in 1860, information supplied by Mr. Michael Carson, Launceston Tasmania.

1945 encounter with a Yowie at Shannon, Great Lakes District, Tasmania by Mrs. Lyn Roberts, now of Adelaide SA.

Poatina foothills, central Tasmania Yowie encounter, 1975 information supplied by Mr. Fred Ball, Hobart, Tasmania

Scottsdale district 'hairy man' footprints and sightings information supplied by Mr. Joe grant Melbourne, Vic.

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Chapter  Eight

Victoria's Great Hairy Men

Towamba NSW 'hairy man' encounter information supplied by Mr. James Brittle.

Orbost, Vic 'Doolagarl' 1991 sighting, reported by Mr. Robert Littlemore, Melbourne Vic.

'Noocoonah' information from the Port Phillip district contained in book "A Visit to the Antipodes" (London 1846) by Mr. E Lloyd.

Mt William area report of 1978, by Mr. Andrew McGinn, Melbourne Vic.

1990 Lake Eildon hairy giant footprints find; reported by Mr Peter Whiteside, Melbourne Vic.

Story of encounter with 'long-armed, ape-like creature" in Blackwood area, north-west of Melbourne in 1981, supplied by Mrs. Delia Richards, Melbourne Vic.

1977 Suggan Buggan Yowie encounter report supplied by Mr Tom Brown, Cooma NSW.

"Old Browny" 1918 encounter with a "monster man" in Scrubby Creek district, Tholongolong, supplied by Mr Paul Graeber, Albury NSW.

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Chapter Nine

Abominable Snowmen of Southern N.S.W.

1976 Batlow NSW Yowie encounter, reported by Mr Tony Martineer, Batlow district.

Bombala NSW Yowie encounter of 1981 by Mr Zack Stuckey, Bombala NSW.

1984 Yowie encounter sighting on Cooma property, Mr Norman Rayner, Cooma NSW.

Tooma district NSW Yowie sighting by truck driver in 1978, reported by Mrs. Judy Paton, Corryong Vic.

Sussex Inlet NSW information supplied by Mr Alf Collier, Sussex Inlet NSW.

Mid-1020's tales of old prospectors of the Adelong NSW district, of groups of 'hairy people's seen roaming the mountain country thereabouts; supplied by the late Mr W F (Bill) Gilroy.

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Chapter Ten 

Man-Apes of the Blue Mountains

1979 eerie experience by Mrs. Mariett Ploeqfma while horseriding in Little Blue Gum Forest area, Springwood NSW supplied by herself.

Springwood NSW 1977 Yowie incident, supplied by Mrs. Iris Baker, Springwood NSW.

1949 Megalong Valley Yowie sighting by Bert Carlen, Claude 'Froggy' Veret and Iris Mcniel (later Baker) supplied by Iris Baker.

1952 sighting of Yowie from car near Jenolan Caves Road NSW, by Mrs. W Williams Katoomba NSW.

Cullen Bullen (Capertee area) 'monster man' report of campers Keith Grove and Garry Norton, supplied by Keith Grove, west Pennant Hills, NSW.

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Chapter Eleven

Hairy Happenings in Western NSW

Fish River, Oberon NSw Yowie encounter by pig shooters Eric Rolf and Morris Patton in 1964, reported by eric Rolf, Sydney NSW

1980 encounter with a Yowie by Mr Siegfried Cousins and Mr Dave White and two other men, at Oberon NSW, reported by Mr Siegfried Cousins, Sydney NSW.

Abercrombie Caves Road NSW, 'man-ape' encounter during December 1977 by Mr Stephen Drombacs, supplied by him.

Ophir NSW September 1982 sighting of dark 'humanoid' creature, reported by Mrs Pauline Yeates.

1975 Hill End Road, NSW school bus incident, reported by Mrs Hillary Montgomery.

Turon River, Hill End NSW January 1977 encounter with a 2.5m tall hominid reported by Mr and Mrs George and Janice Gibbs of Sydney..r,

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Chapter Twelve

"There's a Monster in my Backyard"-Manbeast Tales from North-Coastal N.S.W

Mt Barrington NSw sighting of a 2.2m tall, "man-like, ape-like beast" in 1977 by Mr Luis Morrell and Mr Ian McLaughlin, reported by Mr Louis Morrell, Katoomba NSW.

Ulong, Coffs Harbour NSW 1960 'hairy man'encounter by Mrs Pauline Meyers supplied to author in letter, June 1979.

Woodenbong NSW "back yard monster" experience of Wendy Burns in 1974, reported to author.

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Chapter Thirteen

New England's Hairy Giants

1971 experience of Mr Len Murray and Mr Tim Hatton near Singleton NSW, reported by Mr Len Murray.

Hanging Rock NSW encounter by Mr George Partridge when a young boy in 1948, while going on a wild cherry picking excursion in dende scrub, supplied by Mr george Partridge, Hanging Rock Nundle NSW.

Torrington NSW Yowie stroy from 1930 of Mr and Mrs Roy and Dora Burton, supplied by Mrs Burton, Torrington NSW.

Watsons Creek, Bendemeer NSW, April 1972 'close encounter' with a giant 'man-ape' monster by Mr Frank Moore, of Brisbane Qld, reported by him to author.

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Chapter Fourteen

Imjim and Turramulli-Monster-Men of the Queensland Bush

Tweed valley, Qld 1964 "hairy-man-like beast" encounter by stockman, Mr Richard Adams, reported to author .

March 1990 freshly made, large hominid footprints in creek bankl mud, Numinbah Valley Qld by Mr Craig Turner, of Sydney NSW, reported to author.

Encounter with a female Yowie by Mr Ken 'Stoney Thomas', in Glen Eagles district, Qld in 1976, reported t author.

Encounter with pgymy-size native by Mr Eric Toomey, at Ashford Qld in 1974, reported by him to author.

April 1988 face-to-face meeting with a 'monkey-like-man', by the Haverkamp family of Brisbane Qld at "Best of all Lookout", Springwood overlooking NSW border country, reported to author.

Mr Finlayson, Cooktown area, far north Queensland, meeting with a hairy giant hominid by Mr Neil Lynham and Mr garry Brown in 1972, reported to author by Mr Neil Lynham, Townsville Qld.

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Chapter Fifteen

Giants and Pygmies of Australia's Tope End

May 1877 experience of fossicker, Peter Fitzgerald with a1.2m tall naked young female hominid at Mt Conner, Northern territoy, reported to author.

Todd River, Northern Territory pgymy attack upon Mr Bill Manning and Robert Littlemore in 1980, reported to author by Mr Bill Manning, Darwin Northern Territory.

"Devil-Devil" of Flying Fox Creek information, reported to author by Mr Jerry Kennedy, Mountain Valley Northern Territory.

1982 encounter with enormous man-like, bad smeeling creature by Miss Judy Clark in Macdonnell Ranges, reported to author.

Information on race of giant Aborigines, supplied by Mr Lou Jessup, Rockhampton Qld.

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Chapter Sixteen

On the Track of the Tjangara-Hairy Giants of the Nullabor

Woods Well, South Australia 1973 encounter with "huge dark shape" by Mr and Mrs Kim and Ellaine Rayner, reported to author by Mr Kim Rayner.

December 1978 Eyre Highway, Nullabor Plain South Australia experience of Mr Allan Trindle, reported by him to author.

Discovery of huge freshly-made hominid footprints and sighting of giant man-like creature, at Mt Willoughby west of Oodnadatta in 1973, by Qld based explorer/bushman Mr Ken Francis, reported by him to author.

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Chapter Seventeen

Land of the Jimbra

Information concerning the Jimbra and Tajangara reported to author by the late Michael terry, 1972.

Encounter with tall, "dirty-looking, hairy male creature" at Willare Bridge, Fitzroy River, Western Australia in 1977 of Mr Keith James and Mr Laurie Sullivan, supplied to author by Mr Keith James.

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Chapter Eighteen

Manbeasts of South-East Asia and Beyond

Information concerning relict hominids in Japan, the Philipines, Borneao and the Malay-Indonesian region obtained from ancient folklores, press reports and other researchers.

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Chapter Nineteen

Hairy Devil-Men of New Guinea

Various Melanesian names for New Guinea's Relict hominds supplied to author by the late Mr HE 'Lynn' Clark, former Papua New Guinea Assistant District Commisioner, of Southport Qld. I am also indebted to my friend Lyn for imparting to me his wide experience among tribespeople of the New Guinea interior and Melanesian islands generally. Regrettably, he did not live to see this book completed.

Information on 1981 ornithological expedition to the Adelbert Mountains, Morobe district involving "ape-like' calls", supplied to author by Mr Gary Opit, Gold Coast Qld.

Most of the Melanesian manbeast reports in the chapter supplied by Port Moresby media, and Mr Nohori Kekoe, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Mt Bagana, Bougainville primitive tribe report by Mr Joe Manning, Sydney NSW.

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Chapter Twenty

Land of Moehau, Megazealander Mysteries

Discovery of cave containing signs of recent occupation by still-wild Maoris, with freshly-made Polynesian-type stone tools, by Mr Brian Lyons in Dusky Sound, South Range, North Island NZ in 1977. Information given to author by Mr Brian Jones.

Sighting of a Moehau manbeast in 1972, by Mr Trevor Silcox in Coromandel Range, North Island NZ, information supplied t author by Trevor Silcox.

1974 Coromandel Peninsula sighting of a Moehau manbeast, by Mr Gino de Costa and a mate, information given to author by Mr gino de Costa.

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Chapter  Twenty One

Conclusion, The Last Great Search

Concluding remarks self explantory.

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The Yowie Australasian Relict Hominid Research Centre

Also known since the early 70's as "The Australian Yowie Research Centre".
Founded by Rex Gilroy.

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Comparison's With Other Relict Hominid's

For many people the Yowie's description automatically evokes comparisons with the Himalayan Yeti and 'Bigfoot' of north America. Or lesser known Almastis (hairy man of the forest) of Russia; the Chaing Mi (wild man) of China; the Mie tie (apeman) of Malaysia, and the Kiboornee (hairy jungle devil) of New Guinea. Whether all these creatures are related is another matter. Footprints left by the Yeti reveal apelike, rather than human features, while some researchers tend to link the Almastis with 'Bigfoot' who together with the Yeti, is argued to be a surviving form of the Pleistocene man-like ape, Gigantopithecus. The Chaing Mi and Mie Tie and Kiboornee, by their physical descriptions may be linked to the Yowie, as probable surviving Homo erectines, and this also appears to be the identity of the Moeau, of New Zealand. American professor Grover T Krantz, (Grover has since died R.I.P) anthropologist of Washington State University, has from exhaustive studies and comparisons of what he considered to be authentic footprint plaster casts of 'Bigfoot', concluded that the creature may be a living representative of Gigantopithecus.

Comparison's With Other Relict Hominid's cont...

American professor Grover T Krantz, (Grover has since died R.I.P) anthropologist of Washington State University, has from exhaustive studies and comparisons of what he considered to be authentic footprint plaster casts of 'Bigfoot', concluded that the creature may be a living representative of Gigantopithecus. Gigantopithecus is known only from its fossilised jaws and teeth, and thought to have existed in Asia from about five million years ago. The great size of its fossil jaw suggests Gigantopithecus reached a height of around 3 metres. Despite widespread scientific opinion that Gigantopithecus would have walked on its knuckles, like a gorilla, and not on its two feet, Professor Krantz has made a convincing argument based on the spread of the lower jaw, that Gigantopithecus was actually an erect biped. "If you change a gorilla to a vertical posture like a human, and make the neck come straight down, one thing you have to do is spread the back of its lower jaw room for the neck. And as can be shown, the lower jaw of Gigantopithecus spread much more widely than the jaw of a gorilla." "Gigantopithecus was so much like the Sasquatch that I would assume Gigantopithecus is alivetoday", says Krantz.

New Zealand Evidence

There is a mystery lurking in the wild, untamed mountains and forests of New Zealand. It is a mystery dismissed as a myth by anthropologists, but one which has persisted since the arrival of the first Maori colonists from Polynesia centuries ago. The mystery concerns the existence of races of primitive, hairy, giant-size and smaller hominids, said to have survived in these wilds since ice-age times.Perhaps the ‘mystery’ has not so much to do with their existence, but how these hominids were able to reach New Zealand in the first place. The logical explanation is that they arrived here via a land-bridge that formerly connected New Zealand to Melanesia-Australia. Could such a ‘bridge’ have existed?

The Australian Yowie Research Centre Est...1976 by Rex Gilroy for the sole purpose of Scientific Study of the Australian Hairy - man
The Australian Yowie Research Centre Est...1976 by Rex Gilroy in for the sole purpose of Scientific Study of the Australian Hairy - man
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